A delegation from Aswan University congratulates security leaders in the governorate on the police day

In frame of Aswan Governorate celebration of the Police Day, Aswan University headed by Professor. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamad – accompanied by Prof. Ayman Othman – Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research carried out a visit to Aswan Security Directorate to congratulate Major General/ Hisham Farouk Abu Zaid_ Director of Aswan Security and Major General /Ashraf Attia_ Aswan Governor, The executive and popular leaderships in the governorate, as well as leaders, officers and members of the police in the Security Directorate in Aswan, on the occasion of the celebration of 68th Police Day. University President confirmed the importance of the brave police officers and the Egyptian army in preserving the empowerment of this country and working to spread security and safety throughout the governorate, University President added that the memorial of the police feast commemorates the role of the martyrs of homeland and the extent of value of martyr in our souls who sacrificed the best of what they possess and gratitude and appreciation of the sacrifice of martyrs of national duty who gave their souls and set the finest examples in defense of honor of homeland.