Aswan University President inspects the one-day hospital in Aswan Al-gadeda for opening it soon

In frame of the expansions in Aswan University facilities in Aswan Al-Gadeda, Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed, University President accompanied by Prof. Ayman Othman_Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Eng. Ahmed Rashad_ head of Aswan Al-gadeda city and Secretary General of University, inspected the final preparations of construction and development works that is going on for opening the one-day hospital in Aswan Al-gadeda.

Prof. Ahmed Ghellab confirmed that the one-day hospital was joined to university facilities from Aswan Al-gadeda Authority to serve the residents of Aswan Al-gadeda and neighboring areas and work to provide a distinguished medical service and perform rapid surgeries. The hospital has several departments and a room equipped for light and rapid surgeries.

University President added that there is in the one-day hospital radiology, analysis labs, recovery and hosting room for patients after light surgeries.

Prof. Ahmed Ghellab indicated that the one-day hospital which is affiliated with Aswan University and under supervision of Faculty of Medicine, which will be opened in near future and providing it with medical, nursing staff and ancillary services to provide distinguished medical service for residents of Aswan Al-gadeda.