Manufacturing self-sterilizing gates in Faculty of Energy Engineering

In frame of precautionary measures implemented by Aswan University headed by Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed_Aswan University President, to confront Corona virus during the Final Classes Exams at the university.

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab, Aswan University President, declared that the unit of Vehicle maintenance, medical and electrical equipment and production manufactured sterilization gates inside the university with self-efforts that are used to sterilize students when entering the committees to avoid infection with Corona virus. 

University President added that it is a special nature Unit has its accredited regulation and an administrative structure was chosen that works with high methods of efficiency and manufacturing quality.

The unit designs, establish and preparing works that is assigned to the unit. The administrative structure of the unit includes Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Owais_executive director of the unit_ and Fathi Sayed_ the executive supervisor of the unit. The unit was able to design and produce sterilization gates and devices against Corona virus by producing sterilization gates at the university and travelling sterilization units to secure and protect Academic staff, their assistants, students and university employees during performing the second semester exams for Bachelor students. The sterilization gates which are produced by the unit are with high efficiency and ability to work for long hours without stopping because the materials and equipment that made up the gates were tested by Dr. Ahmed Owais_ Unit director_ and a specialized committee and selected group of Academic staff at Faculty of Energy Engineering.

Dr. Adel Zain El-Din Mohamed _ Faculty of Energy Engineering Dean indicated to the effort exerted by the unit to produce sterilization gates in short time with high efficiency and a unique design that the unit has proven its ability to manufacture and produce any work assigned to it and its ability to meet university needs without having to look for external providers and the unit is currently implementing and developing university buses gates for passengers while getting on and off the bus for the safety of students, employees, Academic staff and their assistants.