The guesthouse is back to university hostels at Aswan university

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed_Aswan university President_ declared that today, the last infected group with Corona virus from medical staff left the guest house after recovering from corona virus and returning to work, the total number of cases is 77 positive cases who were isolated in the guesthouse from 8/6 /2020 to 27/7/2020.

Prof/ Ghallab added that after the exit of last infected group, the guesthouse will be sterilized and will be back to university hostels.

Prof/ Ahmed ghallab thanked the medical team of gusthouse during the working period that included:

Dr. Mohamed Sobhy_ Director General of Medical Administration at the University,

Dr. Ahmed Deif,

Dr. Mostafa Ahmed Abdel-Aal,

In addition to the Nursing staff that included:

Armia Abdel-Maseeh

Haron Mostafa

Mahmoud Saad

Reda Mokhtar

Mohamed Gamal _ captain of nursing,

for their efforts during the isolation period and working in the guesthouse, paying tribute and appreciation for the efforts of the white army heroes.