Academic standards


Faculty of Specific Education

Quality Assurance Unit

Academic Standards committee team




Dr/ Helmy Abo Mota+ Dr/ Ragaa + Dr/ Nermin+ Dr/ Ramadan+ Ms/ Esraa+ Ms/ Reham Mohamed  


Strategic Planning


Dr/ Fatma Hasaan+ Ms/ Reham Gharib+ Mr/ Eslam


Leadership & Governance


Dr/ Eman Wagdi+ Mr/ Ahmed Atta+ Mr/ Yonan Khazani


Development & Quality Management


Dr/ Basem Zaher+ Ms/ Samah


Staff members and their assistants


Dr/ Eman Abdel-Hamid + Mr/ Ahmed+  Ms/ Bothaina Hossam


Administration & Information apparatus


Mr/ Sayed Mostafa + Ms/ Bothaina


Financial Resources


Dr/ Ramadan+ Dr/ Fatma+ Ms/ Esraa


Academic standards & Educational Programs


Dr/ Nermin+ Ms/ Reham Mohamed+ Ms/ Shahira


Teaching & Education


Dr/ Ragaa+ Dr/ Rania+ Ms/Esraa+ Ms/ Shahira

Students & Graduates


Dr/Ayman + Ms/ Samah+ Ms/Eman Ismail


Scientific Research & activities


Dr/ Mohamed Rashid+ Dr/ Basem+ Ms/Eman Ismail


Graduate studies


Dr/Rania+ Ms/ Fardous

Community Participation & Environment Development

Dr. Rajaa Ali+Dr/Helmy Abo Mota + Mr/ Eslam

Measurement & Assessment Committee


Dr/ Ayman Mohamed + Dr/ Rania Ahmed +Dr/ Ramadan Heshmat


Announcement & training committee