Art Education Department


To be a model of innovative departments in faculty of specific education of Aswan University through explore qualities of students and create students activities connected with artistic innovation which contribute in students loyal for their University and society through high level Education include Education, Fine arts in its applied fields, by using developed curriculums and in educational, artistic environment.



1-    Preparing the qualified Artistic Education teacher as a qualified person to work in public and private fields to be moderate that can using the modern techniques and benefit from his great possibilities in the field of work.

2-    Achieving an integrated educational environment that is incentive for imagination and thinking as well as technically and culturally to achieve continues knowledge with innovations of specialty field to be open on the modern world scientifically and technologically.


-Preparing cadres of art education teachers for spreading the artistic culture in society.

-Preparing scientific research in art and education fields

– Providing the artistic advice for different authorities in fields of art and artistic culture.

-Cooperation and participation with concerned sides of art education in environment service in Aswan Governorate.

-Introducing the aesthetic and artistic values ​​of the components of environment and popular crafts and working on developing them with innovative ideas according to the abilities of learners.

– Identify the materials of the environment and its relationship to the methods of implementation in the plastic arts and working on rationalizing consumption.

– Developing students’ abilities on artistic taste of aesthetic values and expressing opinion.

– Developing the technical side through exercising the art work to adapt with environment and direction towards innovations.

– work for work that acquiring benefit from achieving educational work and developing it.

– Acquiring students the ability to be quick in quick in observes, excellence and Quality.

– Acquiring Students a different culture through knowing global and aesthetic Values.

– Exploring the gifted students technically and presenting care to them.

– Training students to work by different materials and concentrating on environment materials to connect student with its environment and home land.


Staff members and their assistants


  Name E-mail
1. Dr/ Eman Mohammed Wagdi
2. Dr/ Rania Ahmed
3. Dr/Eman El-Gammal
4. Dr/Mona Fathi
5. Dr/Sally Samir    
6. Ms/ Reham Ghareeb
7. Ms/ Shahira Anter Kotb
8. Ms/ Fardous Abdel-Kader
9. Ms/Aya Yossef
10 Ms/Yassmin Hassan