Information Technology department


Preparing specialists in Education Technology who are able to solve Educational problems by using theoretical frameworks of the field and its innovations


Providing students with knowledge, skills and attitudes related to educational technology fields in light of quality standards and making optimal use of them in the educational process.


Preparing Academic programs for faculty of Specific Education through courses which provided by the department in Education Technology Fields

Developing Education Technology to cope with the modern developments in this field

Training student on using technological innovations in teaching and learning

Societal Participation through presenting training programs for teachers For the purpose of professional development for them in the fields of educational technology 

Staff members

Dr/ Helmy Mostafa Abo Mota

Dr/ Rajaa Ali Abdel-Alim

Dr/Ramadan Heshmat Mohamed

Ms/Esraa Abde-Azim Al-Ferjani

Mr/ Eslam Mohamed

Mr/Ahmed Atallaa