Educational Media Department

About department:

Educational Media department was begun in the academic year 2016/2017, it consider the second department of Media in Upper Egypt, the department is concerned with preparation and qualification a specialist in educational media to work in education stages pre-university education. 


The department seeks to prepare qualified, knowledgeable, skilled and ethical cadres in (Press, radio and television – School Theater) in Theoretical and applied study to meet the needs of Educational Institutions of Education Stages of pre-university stages in Aswan Governorate and outside it according to the international standards which qualify them to innovate in specialty field and competence in Labor Market and in Media field through study for four years through teaching Educational and cultural subjects, Foreign languages and specialty subjects and distributing students according to the regulation starting from the third year to graduate specialist of medical media able to effective communication and acquiring work skills in school press, radio and theater inside the educational institution as main goal of department or to work in press institutions, radio and television.


The department seeks to quality and excellence locally and nationally by graduate qualified specialist able to employ the knowledge and thinkable and technological components in educational media and innovation and release the surrounding social changes towards continues training and exploring the new in the field and that through providing outstanding education and learning.

Acceptance terms:

1-    Getting the secondary certificate or what qualified it according to basics that decided by coordination office of acceptance of universities.

2-    To be medically fit to follow the study and the responsibility of teaching profession.

3-    To be passed in the personal exam which decided by the faculty.

4-    After accepting students in faculty, they make internal coordination, to distribute on the scientific department, included the educational media department.

Annual activities

–         Exhibition for photo and photography

–         Preparing a magazine (periodical) to cover all faculties and University News as applied application.

–         Preparing an educational and innovative play.

–         Seminars with attendance of Educational, cultural Cadres inside and outside the university.

–         Scientific trips inside the governorate and outside it.


Academic staff:

  Name E-mail
1. Dr/Hesham El-Foly
2. Mr/ Mostafa Mahmoud
3. Ms/ Menna Allah Mohsen