Home Economics department


Home Economics department seeks to be distinct educational and research institution in its applied specialties according to Global Quality Standards that reflects in solving problems of it and its social, development and economic results on the society. 



Home Economics department seeks to prepare qualified cadres to meet the needs of society with participation Locally, Nationally and globally that can enrich the Applied Science according to global standards with awareness of society and environment problems with educational basics and Educational skills for Sustainable Development.


  1. Preparing a distinct graduate able to compete in the scientific and technological and technical fields of home economics.
  2. Providing Academic Climate help students to learn and develop their culture according to the Department Mission and achieving High level for education and scientific research to raise production as appropriate to Labor Market.
  3. Developing the Professional Level For all elements of the educational, research and administrative process in the department.
  4. Raising quality of Society service by using Continuous Self-Assessment to develop Education outputs.
  5. Increasing Faculty resources by creating a production unit for the department.



Staff members and their assistant

Dr/ Eman Abdel-Hamid_ Lecturer of nutrition and food science in the department

Dr/ Fatma Hassan Dawam_Lecturer of Home administration in the department

Dr/ Nermin Hamdi Hamid_ Lecturer of clothes and textile in the department

Dr/ Eman Sayed El-Sokary_ Demonstrator of nutrition and food science in the department

Dr/ Bothaina Hossam El-Din _ Demonstrator of clothes and textile in the department.

Dr/ Reham Mohammed Mohammed_  Demonstrator of Home administrator in the department.