Music Education Department


Art Education Department _Aswan University_ working on communication and leadership through achieving the quality and excellence in its Musical and academic programs locally and globally.


Music Education Department working on preparing educational, artistic and musical Teacher and qualified to serve society of educational foundations and culture palaces to be able to innovation and contribute in developing the musical activities and community development in specialty field and participate in spreading musical awareness and culture with working on developing the musical taste to be enough to complete society requirements in specialty field.


–         Preparing teachers to learn music education in all different stages and levels

–         Spreading musical culture to serve surrounding environment and upgrading artistic taste

–         Responding to society requirements and what These variables are subject to evolution in the specifications of the graduate

–         Providing the required competencies from scientific degrees “Bachelor Diploma – Master – PHD ” in different specialties to serve society in all sides

–         Following technology development to serve musical education system.

Staff members and their assistants

  Name E-mail
1. Dr/ Mohammed  Abdel-Hamid Rashed
2. Dr/Ayman Mohammed Hassan
3. Dr/Basem Zaher Botros
4. Dr/Eman El-Zawi
5. Dr/Sonia Amial
6. Ms/Aliaa Kamal Ahmed_
7. Ms/Samah Sherief Anwar
8. Ms/Eman Esmaeel
9. Ms/Al-Shimaa Adel