The faculty seeks to excellence and competition between its counterparts on the national level (educational fields, scientific research, social participation, development of belonging and continues cooperation) to achieve satisfaction to the beneficiary parties.

It also seeks to prepare the Faculty graduates academically and professionally in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various qualitative fields, and train them to employ their knowledge and skills in order to meet the requirements of the labor market locally and regionally. It also seeks to:

-Preparing the specialized qualitative teacher for the stages of pre-university education at various levels in the fields of art education, music education, home economics and educational technology in order to meet the needs of the community.

-Preparing the technical specialist and supervisor of school activities in the general education stages in the fields of educational technology and educational media in its various branches.

Preparing the student in the aforementioned technical and qualitative disciplines, to be technically and educationally qualified to deal with people with special needs, whether they are outstanding or disabled, in a way that serves the community and emphasizes the development and community participation around us.

-Preparing specialists in the qualitative fields of previous specializations that are required by the local environment and confirmed by environmental development

Conducting field and scientific research in various specialized fields with the aim of developing thought and practice in these fields

-Provide advice in the areas of work of the college to various bodies and institutions at the local and international levels.

-Contribute to the development of education in qualitative fields, using disciplines that keep pace with contemporary and future requirements.